In order to add content to this page login to Siravel and add a home page. Remember you can set up your own Auth for Siravel or run the artisan command: php artisan siravel:setup to get a prebuilt auth system.

Once you're all set up try building a menu with slug: main, and a widget with the slug: widget. You'll see the theme display them right away!

Custom Templates

By default the homepage has its own template but you can add any by following these details:

To create custom templates for different purposes simply make a view in
the resources/themes/{theme-name}/{module-name} directory that looks similar to: `xxxx-template.blade.php`.
This means you still have full control of blade templating but your pages can easily swap out views.

Custom Themes

You can easily generate a theme template via the command: php artisan theme:generate {name}

The theme's files will be placed in the following directory: resources/themes/{name}

To include files either use the blade code: @theme or include a file with the siravel-frontend:: namespace.

Widgets, Menus, Images & Includes

Widgets are easy to add to any template since they can be injected with the @menu('slug'), @widget('slug') or @images('tag'). If you don't suppy a tag for the images you will get all images. To include a theme view you can easily use: @theme('path.in.theme').